Data Centre and Virtualization
Unified communications & Collaboration (UCC) offers the ability to significantly improve how individuals, groups and companies interact and perform by enabling multiple communication channels to be coordinated, and by enhancing the functionality of existing communication applications.
Key UCC technologies include Internet Protocol (IP)-PBX, voice over IP (VoIP), presence, e-mail, audio conferencing, Web conferencing, video conferencing, voice mail, unified messaging (UM), instant messaging (IM), and various forms of mobility. Another key capability of UCC is that it offers a method to integrate communication functions directly with business applications.

UCC, for most enterprises, remains a daunting and confusing topic. As a result, many enterprises find it difficult to know where and how to start. Currently no single vendor’s products can adequately addresses all of an enterprise's UCC needs, and as a result, a best-of-breed approach remains the surest way of ensuring adequate functionality, and technology interoperability.

UCC is really an exciting evolution of communications and collaboration technologies.  Evolution, because this technology segment has not just suddenly appeared, but is the integration of existing and new technologies based on “open standards”.  To support the Channel in this growing market segment Azlan has developed deep relationships with leading vendors to create an “open architecture’ solution set.

Open standards are essential in order to “Unify” Communications; they provide a platform on which technology can be integrated.  This is the key to the way that Azlan adds value to both its vendor and reselling partners.  By working with strategic vendors to create reference architecture, TDAzlan is able to work in turn with its partners to introduce appropriate technology to compliment their existing vendor relationships and to extend their solutions portfolio.

This approach allows Azlan to work with its partners to help them develop the solutions and the partnerships they require to differentiate themselves in their target markets.  The more technology alignment they have with Azlan, the more Azlan resources can be deployed to support them. 

Azlan is a UCC centre of excellence, and has brought together a group of specialist individuals from multiple technology areas, including the data centre and virtualisation, voice, video, and networking specialisations.


Azlan assists its Business Partners to review their customers’ ICT infrastructure in order to develop a roadmap for the development and enhancement of their Communications environment. Azlan recognises that all organisations have already made a significant investment in their existing technology, and therefore wherever possible recommends a development plan which will “wrap & embrace” the current architecture rather than a more unrealistic “rip & replace” strategy.